Administrative Assistant

Program overview

The purpose of this program is to train and certify participants for the position of Administrative Assistant, in order to demonstrate professional knowledge and skills of modern operation of an Administrative Assistant.

With the receiving of the qualifications candidates will gain knowledge in drafting letters, memorandums and e-emails using examples and guidelines for effective design documents, their structure, etc.

Testify to their professional skills for setting priorities; call management; Effective use the “Mail Merge” and MS Outlook; preparation of meetings and the minutes; organizing various events and efficient organization filing and all other skills and abilities which should have an Administrative Assistant

Expected results

  • Effective documents Composition
  • Prioritization
  • Management of calls
  • Preparation of minutes
  • Organization of agendas

Duration of the program:

Modular qualification

Credits: 24


Over 80 trained and certified by UBT in the office administration programs, building management administrator, etc.

Learning outcomes

Administrative skills
Dealing with difficult co-workers
Stress Management
Customer Care
Management and organization of Office
Modern business correspondence
Time management
Communication skills
Effective presentation
Finance for non finaciers
Information Technology
Preparation of reports
Marketing in practice
Elementary mathematics