Computer System and Network Administrator

Program overview

This program offers students the practical and theoretical knowledge related to the management of computer systems and networks. The program is designed according to market requirements by providing extensive employment opportunities.

Students that will attend professional school, are being offered by the opportunity to learn practical skills in the creation and management of systems and computer networks of the Microsoft product, Linux, Cisco, as well as Database Management Systems, Web servers and others.

Expected results

The program aim is to learn the principles, theory and practice management system, including network system design, analysis, efficiency and safety. The program emphasizes practical skills based on Windows and Unix platforms, but teach general principles, together with their technical and ethical considerations. The program includes general administration of the system, including core networks with extensive laboratory work, safety analysis and implementation of the etc.

Duration of the program:

4 Semesters – Two years program

Credits: 120


Over 130 trained and certified by UBT in computer networking programs Cisco Networking Academy

 Learning outcomes

  • Design configuration, and optimization of networks administration
  • Formulation of technical solutions
  • Demonstrate and administration of operating systems
  • Applying analysis and design according to business requirements
  • Develop strategies for Information Security
  • Description and analysis-software and hardware and network components
  • Knowledge of networking protocols and comparison of protocols models
  • Management of operating systems, systems software, network services and security.
  • Skills assessment and comparison of software systems and new technologies.
  • Identification of infrastructure components and the roles they perform to design infrastructure, including equipment, topology, protocols, software systems, and security management
  • Analyze the performance of the enterprise networking systems