Information and Communication Technologies

Program overview

The purpose of the program is to train and certify participants for the position of information technology and communication, in order to demonstrate professional knowledge and skills of modern operation.

With the acquisition of information technology training and communication, the candidate must demonstrate the knowledge of the computer and know its parts hardware and software, to perform various calculations using the program a spreadsheet, develop projects and to organize the software to appointed to conduct various researches and to analyze the specific software for statistical analysis, etc.

Expected results

  • Supports the user in identifying and resolving technical problems
  • Analyzes technical requirements to determine the shape of their choice
  • Designs and plans budgets and proposes projects as needed
  • Installation of the hardware and software including computer network basis of the security components data
  • Perform routine maintenance of devices and operating systems

Duration of the program:

Modular qualification

Credits: 24


Over 90 trained and certified by UBT in IT Essentials PC Hardware and Software programs

 Learning outcomes

  • Candidates will demonstrate knowledge of the processes in the ICT systems by including sending, receiving and manipulating data
  • Demonstrate knowledge of a piece of hardware, software and communication components used in IT systems
  • Candidates will be prepared for the maintenance of hardware and software parts
  • Candidates will be prepared for data analysis and research with SPSS
  • Candidates will gain knowledge about project management
  • The will be prepared for remote access support